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Thursday, 12 February 2015

art // KOOKS + MAC DEOHYEAHMARCO // life things

I'm making art! Regularly! This is incredible for me I had such a dry spell last year. Now that high school is over I feel like I've officially started Real Life and I keep thinking about how I want to start right now on being the sort of adult I want to be. I hugely regretted not doing art in my last year of high school and I'm not going to make that mistake ever again; I've enrolled to do a life drawing class (I think?? That's what it seems like? It's about art and bodies and I know there's some life drawing in it idek) in my uni course. PS yeah what the fuquë I'm actually going to get a tertiary education. And study things I'm passionately interested in?!?! I feel so blessed?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!!!!

body pieces ~ 1

body pieces ~ 2

holding the universe in my hands // pls click on this to enlarge it, it looks better in detail :-----)

The Kooks were really fun n chilled and felt almost festival-like because it was an outdoor venue with heaps of food stalls.

Mac was absolutely wicked and the most insane gig I've ever been to from start to finish. He bantered with the crowd in between every song and was so weird and rad and his mum was there in just a black bra and denim overalls (such a Look honestly) and came on stage!!!!! LUV u Agnes.

the very awesome Edie pre-Mac

from my instagram

sorry for the poor phone quality but I mean c'mon nothing can make Mac look bad

I have another very incredibly extremely exciting thing to announce within the next month so hang round these parts for that - til then I hope February has been interesting for you all!!
Oh yeah and in my latest tf move I've made my tumblr url studentwebportal :))))))

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Grooming: keeping clean

So today we're talking about GROOMING, also known as 'ugh, beauty', also known as I Like Talking About What's In My Bathroom Drawer. I love reading and hearing about what products people use for cleaning themselves (without sounding UTTERLY and ENTIRELY creepy - note the context plz!!!!!!) So I thought I'd post a few of my favourite shower/pamper treats (just kidding, I haven't showered all year L0L!!) (it's already too far into 2015 to make that joke just bear with me I haven't blogged all year).

illustration by me

Original source
It's super cheap from the supermarket (I've never seen it for more than $4) and though it doesn't last as long as some other shower gels on offer, it smells amazing, appears as though it didn't kill half a Mongolian village in its making (it's certified vegan at least) and has nice packaging - the latter is more of a selling point for me than it should be. 

Aesop rind concentrate body balm
This citrusy tube smells dee-vine and feels ultra luxurious. The only thing is that you need to apply it to damp (read: freshly dried out of the shower) skin, and it takes ages to dry. So I only use it when I can afford to have a bit of a ~pamper session~. But still an awesome prod that's lasted me absolutely ages!

Body Shop coconut body butter
Literally a gift from the skin gods. I don't like strong perfumes so I often put this on my legs before a party so they're (a) soft af but also (b) smell divine (the smell lasts a few hours not even kidding). And you know, it leaves you feeling super luscious, though it does take a while to fully absorb so you'll be sort of moist (in the most non sexual way that can sound) for a while.

Body Shop mango body mist
Oki oki so this one I'm very excited about even though I've had it over a year - it's really that good. It is the most accurate mango scent I have ever smelled ever ever (ever!). It's very light and doesn't last a long time so they've done the right thing by calling it a mist; if you're the sort who likes a more fragrant perfume I wouldn't recommend it. It's worth noting though that the Shea butter one lasts much longer and is also stronger. Idk y that is, but I'm still in love with the mango.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hey oops I fARTed!!!!

Hiiiiii look who awoke from her exam study hibernation and comes bearing art!!

I have well and truly finished high school, which feels so so odd. Up until now everyone my age has been moving along on the same pace conveyor belt, passing through year levels at the same rate, all able to talk about the same things ('what subjects are you doing?', 'VCE sux amirite', 'I get no sleep omfg', 'what course do you want to do?', 'but that oppression of the patriarchy tho')
But now everyone is going to be doing different things??? Travelling?? Working?? Studying?? Getting pregnant???? Like everyone is just suddenly floating around and I just ????????

I'm sort of coping the best way I know how and have been making more art than I have in a long while, which feels good, because I always struggle with how art takes TIME and it's not something I can just shit out like a bird. So when I have the energy and stimulation to make a lot of it I just feel so aaaaaaaahhh *sparkle and heart eye emojis everywhere*

Made out of the universe

If you follow me on instagram you will have already seen (sry) this lil bby universe I drew; I'm kinda disappointed with how flat it looks here and how flat silver pen looks in general in photos because I use metallics a lot and they just never look nice in flix unless you put them under light. SO!
Here, have this pic of the same pic:

Looking at my art wall where I have all my favourites from when I was about 14 or 15 til now stuck up I can see the eVoLuTiOn in my art. It's comforting in a weird way because I have never felt like I have a distinct or recognisable 'style' but then I look at the wall and am surprised to realise I can sort of see one emerging??

I made this with the Tame Impala song Solitude is Bliss (below) in mind; I've always found it such a perfect song because it's about being alone but not lonely/sad about it. And in a not at all down way I love being alone; I drew out heaps of things that I and people generally think/do/say/feel when in this alone-n-not-lonely place. Nd ye, whole song is written into it, even the repeated bits (how t h o r o u g h).

The colour wall I mentioned in my last post has grown!!

Metallics looking mildly flat again and gaaah

lil beginnings that I am yet to finish

This will probably be my last post for 2014; I'm sorry to have neglected this blog this year but I'm going to try and use it more next year now that I have more time!!
I hope your year has been interesting and weird, til 2015 friendz x x x x

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Art and subsistence

Diamonds drawing

Before we begin, let's turn on ye olde recorde player for some ~mood music~
This is utterly beautiful and I really hope I can see FKA Twigs in the new year when she comes to Melbourne.

Let them eat (bday) cake!

As I type this I am eating prawn gyozas and listening to Alt-J's This is all yours (noo album duh). It's the most perfect combination and I one million percent recommend it.

Obnoxious selfie in every sense of the term

A very very cool looking book of episodic collections of ideas/thoughts I bought second hand that I can't wait to read after exams!!

It's pretty much the worst timing but I've started to finally get back into drawing (in the middle of exams - FANTASTIC). I don't exactly have the time to make really detailed work which I think is what kept me from arting (does that even function as a verb I'm so unsure) this year, I don't know I had this really weird pressure on myself that the only art worth doing was that of the highest standard I could set for myself?? For some reason doodling wouldn't suffice anymore??? Why did I think this??????
I'm just happy that idea has been dispelled. My creativity (that phrase always makes me fee like a grade 5 in art class sry) has come so much easier now which is a big RELIEF.

Grew a little garden

I started a colour wall - to avoid procrastinating in an endless pit of internet during my study breaks I instead give myself lil pieces of art to work on for this wall, so I have something ACTUALLY FUN to be making progress on amid exams. I've given myself the criteria that all the art has to be colourful because I want to break out of the pen and pencil and charcoal groove I've unconsciously fallen into - if you've followed me for a while you''ll know I used to use watercolours and coloured pens and pencils a lot more but that has petered out a bit over time somehow.

Another peculiar priority shift is I've started taking care of my health wt actual f?!!! Getting a good sleep, exercising daily, eating well and according to my dietary requirements, like who do I think I am?!! It is so funny how being so close to the end of school has motivated me to do things, because I can finally see the end. PS super surprised I'm still existent because I honestly never thought I'd reach the end of high school, I expected I'd disappear off the earth or somehow just not get there. Dunno I'm sort of going to be floating around after exams and the few things I have planned after are over. I'm not sure how that will change things for this blog but I'm sort of looking forward to it!!!!
Yeah. So that's the calm rant I had to have. I hope you're all having an interesting day ❤️❤️❤️

Also I started a second tumblr just for photos, so basically if you want a whole blog that looks like this post go follow katmp.tumblr.com!

coffee shots

the view from the afternoon

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Diary soundtrack feeling // relaxy playlist

I can literally scroll through my music in the order I downloaded it this year and hear the phases I listened to them in - 
When I was sick and dreaming a particular recurring dream, 
When I had a music conversation with a friend and dug out the nostalgic tracks, 
When I got really excited about a show, 
When I was feeling giddy and happy about various relationships, 
When I realised something awful, 





It's so curious and better than any written diary in some way. I can't always fully translate what I think into words but by listening to these songs in that order makes me relive all these memories very vividly - for better or for worse.
I think I realised this on a day when I was needing to get my mind off something, and upon scrolling through my library put a certain song on, and said out loud, "but I can't deal with you today." Because that song was the first of a series that I listened to when in said situation that I wasn't in the mood for.
This has made me so hyperconscious of what I listen to all of a sudden, and I can't believe it's taken me this long to realise!!! It feels almost stupid even writing this because duh, of course, everyone talks about the power of music on mood/feeling/triggers/etc so often. But I have really become conscious of it now. So weird given I'm someone obsessed with documenting everything???

  1. Clair de Lune // Kite String Tangle (cover of Flight Facilities)
  2. Late night // Foals
  3. The ballad of Keenan Milton // Devendra Banhart
  4. Ache // FKA Twigs
  5. Coulda been my love // Foxygen
  6. Alone in Kyoto // Air
  7. Losing you // The Harpoons (cover of Solange)
  8. Videotape // Radiohead
  9. The winner is // Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack
  10. Hannah Hunt // Vampire Weekend (this is my comfort song so it probably goes on every soundtrack I'm not even gunna apologise)
  11. Playground love // Air
  12. Blue blood // Foals
  13. Water damage // Dick Diver
Yeah. Anyway I'm going to curl up in my yellow lit room and listen to this relaxy playlist. It's the best ever to listen to before bed and float away to and makes me feel safe and aaaaaaaahhhh :-----)


On another note - I think blue has got to be one of the best colours. I'm not a favourite colour person but have to say there is just no ugly shade of blue, and that's got to count for something in the colour world, right?
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